Got Books?

If you’re not sure what book to pick up at your local bookstore, we’ll make it easier for you! Make your selections from the list below and we’ll ensure the books you purchase get to the schools during Education Week.

Books by Jamaican Authors distributed by Read Across Jamaica Foundation

Little Lion Goes to School by Kellie Magnus
Little Lion at Bat by Kellie Magnus
Little Lion Goes for Gold by Kellie Magnus
Nancy and Grandy Nanny by Rebecca Tortello
Gammon and the Woman’s Tongue Trees by Diane Browne
Every Little Thing Will be All Right by Diane Browne
Island Princess in Brooklyn by Diane Browne
Ash the Flash by Hazel Campbell
Miss Bettina’s House by Hazel Campbell
Bernie and the Captain’s Ghost by Hazel Campbell
Freedom Come by Jean Goulbourne
Jo-Jo’s Treasure Hunt by Cherrell Shelly-Robinson
Jenny and the General by Jean D’Costa
Little Island, Big Adventure by Maria Roberts Squires
Forest Fever by Sharon James
Bolo the Monkey by Jonathan Burke
Irie Morning by Alison Moss-Solomon
All Over Again by A-Dziko Simba Gegele
Ptolemy Turtle by Melisande Potter Hall
Soon Come by Melisande Potter Hall
Lucille Travels at Christmas by Jasmine N’Toume
Kito in the Kitchen by Radha Poorhan
When the Sun and the Moon Ran Away by Maizle Goulbourne
Dale’s Mango Tree by Kim Robinson
Beautiful Blue Shirt on Barry Street by Isabel Marvin
Saving Joe Louis by Isabel Marvin
Naughty Eddie Larue by Julia Wohlt
Suck Finger Pickney by Tracey McNair
The Adventures of Lumi & Twizzy by Gina Harvey Lewis
Fly Away Home by Andy Mead
Project Climate Save by Petre Williams-Raynor
Tilly Bummie by Hazel Campbell
Anancy’s African Adventures by Beulah Richmond
Anancy & Friends by Beulah Richmond
Children’s Basic Sight Words by Donna Reid
Drog: A Dreggen Story by Hazel Campbell
Juicebox & Scandal Bag by Hazel Campbell
Lally Mae’s Farm Suss by Melanie Schwapp
A Boy Named Neville by Linda Gambrill
Miss Tiny by Linda Gambrill
Croaking Johnny and Dizzy Lizzy by Linda Gambrill
Marcus Garvey by Suzanne Francis Brown
Searching for Pirates: A Port Royal Adventure by Suzanne Francis Brown
Young Heroes of the Caribbean by Gwyneth Harold
The Turtle Tale by Latoya Newman
Children of Hopeful Village by Latoya Newman
Aiden and the Apple Tree by Johnathon Kelly
Prayers for School Days by Carolien Aikman
Delroy in the Marog Kingdom by Billy Elm
Errol’s Taxi by Helen Williams
Little Meeta by Jean Goulbourne
Mystery of the Golden Table by Suzanne Francis Brown
Blue Mountain Trouble by Martin Mordecai